Creating an original story
- How to create and develop ideas

Do you find it difficult to come up with an original script idea? Have you had a hard time developing your existing ideas into full-fledged scripts? This beginner's course is specifically designed to help with this kind of "writers block"

The 'Creating an Original Story' course by Director Naga, of Marmadesam fame, will aide you in formulating the idea, expanding it, and building it into a workable, logical concept.

The objective of this course will be to explore different methods of brainstorming to develop your ideas into concrete, workable production concepts and formats.

will be answering questions such as:

    • What is an idea? What makes a good idea?
    • What is the importance of research?
    • What are effective ideation techniques?
    • When & where should your story take place?
    • What is the social context & setting in time and space?
    • How to tell a story visually?
    • How to choose which idea works best for your script?

Learning process:

  • Case studies: Ideas that worked on TV and the digital space
  • Practical assignments that bring out the stories within you.
  • Feedback on your assignments

About the speaker:

Naga is an acclaimed director of the hit television series Marmadesam, in the late 1990s and of the film Anandhapurathu Veedu amongst others. He graduated from the prestigious Film and Television Institute of India, Pune.

Creating an original story - How to create and develop ideas

Director Naga

SEP 19th - 20th
2020 5PM to 7PM
Virtual Course
Mindscreen Film Institute

4, Ranga Lane, Ranga Road, Mylapore,
Chennai, Tamil 600004
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