M.N. Gnanasekaran


M.N. Gnanasekaran, Post Graduate in Defense Studies, Madras University, Graduate in Cinematography and the Best Cinematography Student of the batch, Institute of Film Technology, Adyar (Film & Television Institute of Tamilnadu, Chennai) began his career as a cameraman in Doordharshan Kendra, Delhi. Completed the Course in Basic Television Production at Film & Television Institute of India, Pune.  His very first feature film, Aval Appadithaan, won Tamil State Govt. Gold Medal for Best Cinematography. On completing more films, he became much respected teacher at his Alma mater. Cinematographers like Rajiv Menon and Alphonse Roy learnt fundamentals of their craft under his guidance and continue to value his methods and insights.

Gnanasekaran is highly knowledgeable in the difficult field of cinematography theory and the various technical aspects associated with it. In terms of challenging practice, he has six feature films, several documentaries, and two decades of sustained work in professional scientific photography in Indian Space Organisation as Scientist/Engineer, to his credit. During his tenure at ISRO, his contributions include in the field of technical photography for the nation’s prestigious projects like ASLV, PSLV, GSLV, Space Capsule Recovery Experiment, Optical Tracking Mount etc.

He has taken charge as the Dean of Mindscreen Film Institute since 2006.

Cinematography is a both science and art, with a human touch.

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