Six Months Certificate Course In Acting

A chance to live many lives

Mindscreen Film Institute is conducting a six months course in acting created by one of the acclaimed actors in the Indian Film industry, Mr. Nassar.

Actors or performers are the embodiment of a film as they are the ones who appear in physical form on the screen. They interpret the script, bring characters to life and need to be extremely adaptable. They must also have a good voice, a strong sense of expression and be able to transform gestures and emotions. Finally, they should be capable of imitating life and relationships. While preparing students for films, television, theatre and voice-over, the course also teaches script interpretation, characterization, diction, basic acting techniques, movement, observation, improvisation, role analysis, technique of make-up and basic ideas about costumes. Students are also guided in auditioning, compiling a portfolio and creating a comprehensive show reel.

Details of the course:

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Acting 1 - Basic
This is the basic acting class that the students will undergo and it covers a range of techniques such as observation, imitation, self- awareness and story telling.

Acting 2 - Intermediate
An intermediate acting class in which concepts such as sense & memory, character analysis are explored through practical exercises.

Acting 3 - Advance
An advanced acting class that deals with character development and emotional memory that will finally culminate in a monologue performance by the students.

The improvisation technique will simulate the spontaneous and creative energy within the students as they collaborate to perform unscripted material.

Theatrical exercises
Warm up exercises essential for any actor to loose inhibitions and understand their space and peers.


This module will educate students on shaping their voice as an acting tool. They will learn and undergo pitch, volume and breathing exercises.

The focus of this module will be speech patterns, accents and pronunciation.

Music and Rhythm
The focus of the module will be the importance of the rhythm.


The movement module is designed to implement discipline and energy within the student’s body as they learn about Yoga and theatrical exercises.

Martial arts and stage combat
Students will be introduced to various martial arts like kalari, silambum, Tai chi. This training will enable them to control and strengthen their body, as they progress to stage combat.

Students will be trained in various styles of dance ranging from Indian folk to contemporary. This training will inculcate a sense of grace and balance that is imperative for any Indian actor.


Acting for camera
This is a practical module that facilitates the relationship between the camera and the student. They will learn how to perform for the camera. Their final project includes acting in two different short films.

Camera techniques
Understanding cinematic techniques that are relevant to an actor is the crux of this module. They will be learn about shot division marking an actors position and camera angles. Students will also get the chance to visit a real shooting spot and understand industry level film production.

Film analysis
Cinematic acting demands a sound understanding of film. Analysing and interpreting world cinema will shape the intellect of our students.

ACTING HISTORY & Schools of Acting

Understanding Stanislavski
Stanislavski is popularly known as the father of method acting. His understanding revolutionised the exaggerated reality concept and made it a more real take on acting.

Approaching Adler
Adler believes an actor should rehearse the recollection of the past and memorise his gestures and postures during rehearsal and apply the same during a show without the haunting effect of the memory.

The Meisner Method
The Meisner technique unlike Adler and Strasberg investigated the usage of ‘truthful behavior and imagination’ as he encourages intensive scene study.

Studying Strasberg
A student of Stanislavski, like Adler and Meisner, Strasberg created his own style of method acting that has created legendary Hollywood actors like James Dean, Al Pacino and Jane Fonda to name a few.

Navarasas are the nine essential emotions according to the ancient Sanskrit text, Natyashasthra. Analysing these emotions is important as it forms the basis of Indian cinematic and stage acting.

Skills learned as a result of successful completion of this program include:
  • The ability to work independently and collaboratively in a high-pressure creative environment
  • In-depth knowledge, experience with the art and craft of acting for film and television
  • Experience with multiple modern and classical approaches to performance, script interpretation, and character formation
  • Understanding the avenues for exposure using new media
  • Ability to act confidently in front of the camera
Course Requirements

Higher secondary and above; fluency in any one Indian language and English.

Application Guide for Six Months Certificate Course in Acting

Application form can be downloaded from:

  • Filled in Application to reach us on or before 7th October 2021
  • Completed application form along with a recent passport size photograph and a DD for Rs.2500.00 towards registration fees to be drawn in favour of MINDSCREEN FILM INSTITUTE, payable at Chennai
    • Those who wish to remit the registration fees and fees online may:

      1) Visit
      2) On the home page click SB Collect new version
      3) On the SB Collect new version tick I have read and accepted the terms and conditions stated above and proceed.
      4) Choose State of Corporate / Institution – and choose Tamilnadu & Type of Corporate / Institution - choose Educational Institutions and GO
      5) Educational Institutions choose MINDSCREEN FILM INSTITUTE

      Payments: For NEFT / RTGS
      Current Account No.: 67012167471
      Bank Name: STATE BANK OF INDIA
      Branch: ALWARPET - CHENNAI
      Branch code: 70570
      IFSC: SBIN0070570

  • The Application forms can be submitted in person or couriered to MINDSCREEN FILM INSTITUTE, 4,Ranga Lane,Ranga Road,Mylapore, Chennai – 600 004
  • Admissions are finalized by competitive auditions and interviews. Candidates must perform one scene of their own choice in any Indian language and one scene given by the panel at the audition. Each scene must not exceed 2 minutes. Talent and potential are the primary criteria for admission and should be evident at the time of the auditions and interviews.
  • International students who are unable to attend the auditions; instead can courier a DVD with their performance recorded on it along with the form. Alternatively they can also upload the audition video online and send us a link to view. Your selection will be done with the help of the DVD/online video link.
  • Seats are limited for each batch. A select number of applicants will be put on a waiting list once selections are completed. In the case of any drop outs, the waiting list candidates will be given preference.
  • Applicants will be notified of their selection via email/post and they can proceed to complete the admission formalities.
  • Applicants seeking admission should be above 15 years of age.
  • Applicants should be fairly proficient in written and spoken English. The medium of instruction for the classes is in English.
Course Fee, Terms & Conditions

Upon selection, the concerned candidate is expected to pay the following sum as mentioned your Selection/ Admission Letter:
Admission Fee*
Rs.25000.00 + 18% GST = Rs.29500.00 (NON REFUNDABLE)
Tuition Fee.
Rs.198100.20 + 18% GST = Rs.233758.00
Assignment Fees
Rs.10000.00 + 18% GST = Rs. 11800.00
Total Admission, Tuition &Assignment Fees
Rs.233100.00 + 18% GST = Rs. 275058.00

*Note: Once the fee is paid by you and in the event of your inability to join the course for any reason then the Admission fee + GST will not be refunded.


NEXT BATCH 1st November 2021


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