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Filmmaking Workshop
using your Smartphone

30th November and 1st December, 2019

30th November and 1st December, 2019

Unleash your creativity through a filmmaking Workshop with OnePlus.

Films have the power to move people, spark discussions and inspire action. With OnePlus, you can have the same power in the palm of our hand.

Register for a two-day workshop at the Mindscreen Film Institute where you will learn to transform your creative vision into reality with OnePlus phones under the expert guidance from renowned industry experts, Rajiv Menon - Cinematographer & Film Director, Naga - TV Series and Film Director and Stanzin Raghu - Screenwriter and Director.

The workshop is designed to take you through the entire stages of filmmaking starting from scripting to pre-production to shoot and post-production. Whether you want to film your travel, a short film or a celebration, this two-day workshop will equip you with all the techniques and skills required.

Details of the workshop:

Dates: November 30th and 1st December, 2019
Registration fee: Rs. 5,500 (limited to the first 20 registrations)
Contact: Mr. Ranjeeth Kumar - 98416 12595
Venue: Mindscreen Film Institute, Mylapore, Chennai

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Mobile: +91 9841612595
+91 044 4210 8682 / 2499 6417
Mobile: +91 9841612595



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